mutha hustla 

wife . mom . motivator. concept creator. brand specialist


hey y'all! 

   I am Natalia, Mrs.Vaughns, I wear the last name proudly! Shout out to my husband Paul for having such great taste! I am mama to Byron, Nakayla, Pryze and Ayva. I know what you are thinking, another woman, with a husband ,a bunch a kids, an opinion, a dream, and some shirts, well you are damn right, so WELCOME to the home of Mutha Hustla! The name is obvious, I am a Mother, who hustles, all day long. No, not street hustling, this hustling; a person who is aggressively hard-working who knows how to get around problems. 


I love, art, visuals and pretty things, I do Graphic Designing from my home in Ft.Worth, TX. I love sarcasm, I cuss a lot but I pray more, and on some days I drink coffee and wine minutes apart.

Now that we got that out the way, go buy something, I have 4 kids!



Some important stuff, a lot of rambling! 

A typical day in the life this Mutha Hustla.

WARNING; Grammatical and Puncuation errors ahead. I wake up before everyone, roll my eyes at my sleeping family, troll social media for 10 min. Wake kids up, wake husband up screaming at kids, this is very intentional, hehehe. Throw on decent enough clothes to drop the kids off at school, prepare a breakfast that can be eaten in the car, something the teachers probably hate me for around 11 am! It is time to load the car up (this takes 21 minutes because my kids move slow as hell) before leaving I remind my husband and the oldest that school STARTS AT 8:30 and truancy exist, so BE ON TIME. Mornings in the car consist of Kidz Bop, off tune singing and me going as fast as legally possible because, well, Kidz Bop. After I finish all drop offs, Kidz Bop turns to Slim Thug, I head back home, and try to run my Graphic Design Firm and my Custom T-Shirt Boutique, then I blink 5 times and it is time to go pick the kids back up. Seriously, the day goes by so fast Monday - Friday then on the weekends the hours double. Pickups happen and the rest of my day is a blur until bed time. My husband hides at his job until he calls me and the background is quiet, probably repayment for method I use to wake him up. My life is daily hustle, not intentionally, it just it what it is.



Don't listen to them sis, there is no such thing as too many Tees